Hello!  I am an art director, designer & photographer residing in the NYC area. Originally from a small town in Indiana, I moved to Hoboken, New Jersey in 2012 after graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design & Photography.

I've experienced many new things since moving to the city, including hiking the Adirondack & Catskill mountains, snowboarding, pizza being called pie, fashion, ridiculous rent prices & commuting, to name a few. However, what has struck my most harmonious chords, is the ever-evolving art scene that can be found in every nook of NYC.  This art creates an identity for each and every home, business, neighborhood, town, city, state, country & nation. This art is what inspires me to continue creating.

I started designing at an early age by taking school projects to the next level. I created a book cover for an essay, letterforms to give words more impact and cut irregular paper shapes to showcase poems, later learning that this was my introduction to packaging, typography and diecuts.  I recognized I had artistic, intellectual and athletic talent, so I applied to college at Marian University as a Graphic Design major. I was honored to receive multiple art scholarships and also signed to play for the Women's Soccer team.  I was an advanced student. After my first year of balancing work, study & sports, I was a whole semester ahead of my classmates, prepared to take upper level design classes. I also decided to add another major--Photography.

I wasn't sure what avenue to take in terms of how to apply my creative abilities, but I had faith that I would fall into place.  A study abroad trip to Turkey, Greece & Italy inspired me to explore. I explored as much as could with my camera in hand -- documenting parties, abandoned homes, a local Indianapolis band, my everyday life and dogs of NYC on a spring break trip. I loved incorporating my design knowledge with photography to create impactful stories. (Jigsaw falling into place...Radiohead, anyone??) Click here for DOCUMENTARIES or here for ADVENTURE PHOTOS.

So I moved to NYC, well Hoboken really. I started out as a front counter Copy Associate at a local print shop (who knew how much you could learn from a print shop!) I finessed hand skills, proved my acute attention to detail, built relationships with customers and gained valuable knowledge in print design. I caught on quickly and was soon promoted to Production Manager and then again to Lead Designer. I outgrew the print shop.

Hello, Big City! I gracefully picked up where I left off and became an Art Director for a mobile accessories brand that leads the market in mobile power banks and tempered glass screen protectors. Here I progressed again, learning to not just design, but conceptualize and utilize a team to bring the idea to fruition. I worked hand-in-hand with the Creative Director and Production Manager and directed the 3D and Graphic Designers. I was involved in nearly every aspect of the company--gave input on new products and development, spoke with big-wig buyers, helped brand sub-categories and worked with the sales team to create the website, collateral and sell sheets. Click here for BRANDING, here for PACKAGING, and here for more info on ART DIRECTING.

This brings us to the Present. At this moment, I'm looking for more. I am looking for a place to pour my heart, soul, talent and knowledge into creating beautiful, inspiring words, products and images. While all my past work has created the portfolio showcased on this site, I've also learned about my priorities in life. I love my family, friends & boyfriend, jewel-toned colors, hand-crafted anything, animals, nature, yoga, the light in the sky, exploring, and products & businesses that stand for positive change.

I follow my where my heart leads. It took me some time to build the skills, strength and courage to create this site, but I'm finally exposing myself. I have much wisdom, creativity, inspiration & drive to share. Look through my work, don't hesitate to provide feedback, and contact me if you connect in any way. I look forward to meeting you.